Importance of Hydration in Performance


Importance of Hydration in Performance Getting enough fluid is good for your body. The American Council on Exercise recommends that athletes hydrate while exercising, as well as both pre- and post-workout to replace fluids lost through sweat. The human body is made up of approximately 60% water; it’s no surprise that proper hydration is crucial [...]

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Sun Basics


Sun Basics When you’re outside, protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays may turn your skin red (sunburn) or a darker brown. The American Cancer Society recommends the following tips when outdoors: SLIP! SLOP! SLAP! and WRAP! SLIP! on a shirt. Protect your skin with clothing. SLOP! on Sunscreen. Use a [...]

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What is a 5K. How do I get started?


What is 5K? How do I get started? The "K" in 5K stands for kilometer, which is the equivalent of 0.62 miles. Therefore, a 5K race is 3.1 miles long—a reasonable distance for beginning runners to conquer. Most runners will finish a 5k in approximately 25 to 40 minutes. Running your first 5k may seem [...]

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Walking for Health


Walking for Health If you’re not prepared to run the race, you may consider walking!   Walking is a great place to start and get fit. There are many advantages of walking for exercise. No gym membership and it is free. An easy place to start and we do it every day. It improves blood [...]

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Busy Schedule? Try a Mini-Workout


Busy Schedule? Try a Mini-Workout Many people have busy schedules that make squeezing in exercise a challenge. Yet, we know that activity is a great way to keep our bodies healthy. Current recommendations for most people are to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week along with 2- 3 days of [...]

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Tips for Nutrition Fitness


Tips for Nutrition Fitness Spring is here and getting outdoors and ready for the Run The Plank 5k might be on your mind. Here are some first steps to consider for a successful and safe run. Be sure to fuel up throughout the day with healthy complex carbohydrates such as whole grains like whole wheat [...]

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Improving Your Eating Habits


Improving Your Eating Habits If you have made a commitment to increasing your physical activity, a natural next step is to look at your eating habits. When it comes to eating, we have strong habits. Some are good ("I always eat breakfast"), and some are not so good ("I always clean my plate"). Permanently improving [...]

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Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity


Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity Run the Plank is a good motivator to increase of begin a consistent physical activity routine. Sometimes it’s just hard to get started, we have so many barriers to adding physical activity to our schedule. Here are some common barriers and ways to overcome them. Lack of time: Monitor your [...]

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Activity Article


Run the Plank – A great way to help the community and improve your wellbeing We know that staying active is one of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy. But did you know it can also improve your overall well-being and quality of life? Here are just a few of the ways physical [...]

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