Lutheran or Catholic, Immanuel, St. Isidore, and St. Peter immanuel_lutheranstand as the three largest churches along Romeo plank corridor! Together, these communities have done some tremendous events to help and be part of the community at large in Macomb. (click on images for more information)

st-isidore-churchWhether you have attended the Fall Family Fun Fair, one of the schools, or worshipped with you have seen communities that care about people.

In 2012, these communities came together for the first time to join in an event that could not be done individually, but only collectively. The “Run the Plank” idea was a joint venture to support local charities and has community-wide support. Following the Run/Walk, families are encouraged to come to a Family Fun Fair, with games, food, and activities for all ages.

We see that as a community we can always do more to impact the lives of those around us. We continue to pray that God will bless you as he uses us!